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A busy Canadian pipe yard loads and offloads as
much as 50,000 metres of pipe, representing about
$2.5 million in inventory everyday.

When you don’t own the product, and you’re
managing it for someone else, you need to be
100% accurate.


Anyone managing their tubular inventory with
some level of precision will appreciate a system
that breaks everything down in terms they’re comfort-
able with.

As your business grows, our software grows with
you, and you can develop shortcuts to let the soft-
ware make your job easier.


“Any time you’re dealing with data entry, there’s
room for error.

When you’re handling tubular goods, data entry is
the key element. We’ve advanced to the point
where we never data enter anything - everything we
do is done electronically.

100% accuracy isn't an exaggeration."


“Before Tallys, we were probably spending an
hour every day checking for errors. Tallys helped us,
because it shortened the amount of time we had to
spend on entering things into the system.

With Tallys, we’ve cut that time in half, and we’re
not spending any time checking for errors. It’s hard
to put a number on the savings.”


The Industry Standard for Automated

Pipeyard Inventory Control!

The Q1 2017 update to Tallys 5.12 is now available!

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